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State approved, Dual or Single Interest Collateral Protection Insurance Coverage is now available for Auto Dealership’s, and Lenders at any time of the day or night via our Web Enabled Spot Delivery Physical Damage and/ or Full Liability Coverage.

Provided by National Specialty Insurance Company Rated (A) Excellent by the A.M. Best & Company this coverage will provide initial thirty (30) days only of collateral protection exclusively for the dealer and /or lender and is not considered a personal auto policy. However, in those states where it is approved as such this coverage will also extend to the customer as a personal auto policy for the initial thirty (30) days only, at which time the customer is required to purchase his or her own personal auto insurance. In some states where applicable by insurance regulations the customer may continue with this coverage make direct payments to the administrator.

  Web Enabled    Secured    Available 24/7/365


  • Protect your Collateral in 60 Seconds or less 100% fully insured and secured.

  • or dealer concern for the driver’s age, gender, driving record, license status U.S. and Mexico or unnamed drivers.

  • No outside agent to call when the customer cannot show proof of insurance at the time of sale.

  • After hours and weekends it’s always ready to bind coverage fully secure.

  • or a premium increase if the driving record is later found to be unacceptable. The customer can cancel the insurance pro-rata and select an agent of their choice! There will be a $50.00 policy issuance fee retained immediately upon binding of any coverage since the policy will be mailed to the insured within 24 hours of issuance.

  • Insurance is bound immediately by sending our web enabled simple Enrollment Form to the Program Administrator!

The Dealer is the named insured and orders the coverage they will be billed for the first 30 days of coverage every Fourteen (14) days and the customer will billed for any continuance of this coverage if it is state approved. This enables the dealer to timely cash their finance contracts by providing the lender with proof of coverage without delay! Unless dealer is carrying their own paper. Coverage may be paid by dealer credit card or dealer will be invoiced for policies bound and issued, dealer may pay for multiple policies in the same manner dealer credit card or dealer invoice, Dealers will be able to go on-line to review current receivables list by logging onto the dealer`s site by using their Dealer Login I.D. and then go to the Reports Menu.

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