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Since 1985, Phoenix American has grown to be one of the largest independent service contract administrators in the United States. Your RV Elite Service Contract is 100% insured by a member company of the Nationwide® Insurance group, which has over $158 billion in assets and is rated A+XV (Superior) by A.M. Best Company. This partnership means that Phoenix American has the financial stability and history to provide you with protection today and in the years to come.

Phoenix American offers service contract programs that not only protect and care for your Travel Trailer, but also include special benefits that can make your travel experience and overall life easier and more hassle free. We have a reputation for paying attention to not only customers’ Travel Trailer, but to customers as well.

Ask your dealer today about a Phoenix American RV Elite Service Contract. You and your trailer deserve the very best. You deserve Phoenix American.

  Honesty.    Integrity.    Responsibility.


  • Reimbursement up to $300 per occurrence for towing expenses resulting from the failure of a covered part. A $500 Towing Option is available to upgrade from the standard $300 reimbursement limit.

  • Reimbursement up to $125 per day (up to $375 per occurrence) for lodging and meal expenses when covered repairs are required more than 100 miles from your home.

  • Reimbursement up to $100 for emergency on-site calls due to failure of a covered part.

  • As your RV Elite Service Contract nears expiration, you can purchase another contract to continue coverage on your trailer.

  SUSPENSION (Front and Rear)
All components including but not limited to:
Wheel bearings; stabilizer shaft, linkage and bushings; coil and leaf springs; shackles and shackle bushings; height sensor; compressor; lines and bags; rubber suspension systems and air dryer.

All components including but not limited to:
Metal lines and fittings; clips, springs and retainers; self-adjusters; and rear actuators.

All components including but not limited to: Metal only.

All components including but not limited to:
Burner assembly tank; thermostat; thermocoupler; gas valve; heating elements; fittings; connections; electronic ignition assembly; wiring harness; control panel; switches and PC board.

All components including but not limited to:
Shower; toilet; sink(s); holding tanks; gate valves; fittings and connections.

All components including but not limited to:
Water pump; compressor; water tank; water lines; traps; fittings; connections and faucets.

  AIR CONDITIONING (Roof mounted 110V or  central):
All components including but not limited to:
Compressor; condenser, evaporator; accumulator; expansion valve; capacitators; relays; thermostat; heat strips; heat pump; control panel; switches; receiver-dryer; blower motor fans; fans; bathroom vent motor; high/low cut off switch; pressure cycling switch; electronic module and PC boards.

All components including but not limited to:
Burner assembly; thermostat; thermocoupler; burner valves; microwave oven; convection oven; power hood; fittings; connections; ignition assembly and PC Board.

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