Automobile Financial GAP Waiver


Nothing exceeds the excitement you feel when you purchase a new vehicle. You imagine the trips you’ll take, the fun you’ll have and what the neighbors will think when you pull into your driveway. The last thing you think about is what will happen if your vehicle is stolen or damaged in an accident.

Unfortunately, these unpleasant realities occur far too often.

For your own protection, and for your financial security, read the information below. You’ll learn what’s at stake should your vehicle be stolen and not recovered, or totaled after an accident. And, that could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

  • Knowing your GAP PLUS Coverage is insured by a member company of the Nationwide® Insurance group, rated A+ Superior, XV.

  • For just a small amount added to your monthly payment, you are protected for the life of the payment, loan or lease.


In the event that your vehicle is declared a total loss, the difference between the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle and the amount of money you owe on your loan or lease is called the “GAP.” You are responsible for paying the GAP amount to settle your loan or lease contract.

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